Cheap Holiday Deals to Kanoni More than Meets the Eye

Family holidays to Kanoni on the island of Corfu are much more than you may realize. Finding cheap holiday deals to this exciting location will help you and your family find even grander adventures than you may think possible at first. Greek island holidays that include time spent enjoying the best that Kanoni has to offer put you and your family in an ideal location to enjoy stunning views, island hopping fun, and the best that Corfu has to offer.

There are two small islands right off of Corfu that are located very close to the Kanoni resort. One is connected to Corfu by a causeway.This causeway will take you to the Monastery of Vlakherna where you can explore the past and enjoy some incredible views. You can only reach “Mouse Island” by ferry. On this island you can explore the Monastery of Pantokrator. If you have a passion for history these are two excursions that you just can’t miss while you are on Corfu and if you really want to explore them well, you may as well make Kanoni your resort of choice during your package holidays to Corfu.

Whether you are on the lookout for excellent family holidays to Corfu or simply want a quiet place to go with your special someone then Kanoni has a great deal to offer. It is a nice quiet escape with beautiful views that is an excellent staging ground to explore the very best of Corfu. If you have small children and are looking for a resort that isn’t quite as crowded with 18 – 30’s or even other families then this is also a great choice because it isn’t nearly as crowded as many of the other popular resorts on Corfu.

What you will find during your family holidays to Kanoni is a great place to enjoy spending time with your family and not filled with constant distractions or excitement. For many families, this is the ideal family holiday. Is your family one of them?

Take a little time today to learn more about exciting Greek island holidays to Corfu and see if this might be the perfect escape for your holiday needs. Family holidays were once a time to reconnect and enjoy spending time together instead of an all you can do in two weeks race to the finish line. Cheap holiday deals to Kanoni give your family a grand holiday experience in the traditional ways of family holidays.