Playa de Fornells Provide Modern Glimpse of Menorca

If you are rather attached to your modern conveniences and operating on a budget, you will truly enjoy cheap holiday deals to Playa de Fornells. This is one of, if not the newest resort in Menorca. While not the only claim to fame of this resort one of the most widely known claims of fame is the fact that the fish restaurants in the area are top notch. Playa de Fornell is a self-contained resort.

It has plenty of shops and restaurants to keep holiday goers happy during the day and plenty of bars to keep them going round the clock. It is located only 20 minutes from the original fishing village, Fornells and the village itself is worth taking a look. Be careful when checking out the beaches in Playa de Fornells though. There are plenty of bright spots that are ideal for families as well as some more secluded beaches that are reserved for naturists. Some of the entertainment that is popular to include in family package holiday deals to Playa de Fornells are kayaking, water skiing, and wind surfing in addition to swimming and enjoying the beaches. The water is protected and shallow making it an attractive options for families. This resort is popular with families on a budget because it offers great beaches that occupy a large amount of holiday time and attention.

It is also popular for travelers to explore the bay in a glass bottomed boat or charter a boat to one of the other resorts on the island to try different types of water activities or enjoy local tours in other resorts. If you are looking to broaden your horizons you may consider taking sailing lessons on a catamaran.

Last minute holidays to Playa de Fornells are popular with couples looking to reconnect as well as families looking to stay within a particular budget. There are plenty of great things to see, do, and explore in Playa de Fornells and it is still possible to find some pretty impressive late holiday deals to Playa de Fornells if you book online. Check out some of the best cheap holiday deals to Playa de Fornells today and explore this new and highly prized resort on the northern shores of Menorca. You and your family will be glad you made this fantastic decision to enjoy the best Menorca today.