Cheap Holidays to Punta Prima Offer Prime Views of Menorca

A family package holiday to Punta Prima is a more secluded affair than many holidays to Menorca. This isn’t the crowd of choice for the party goers or those interested in seeing people and being seen. This is the holiday of choice though for families that are looking to escape hectic city life and enjoy a little bit of sand and good clean fun under the sun. This resort, despite its relative isolation remains popular with many families and couples looking to get away from it all or for a little bit of romance.

One of the best things about holidays in Punta Prima is the fact that this resort maintains a more authentic island atmosphere than some of the more widely populated resorts that seem bent on bringing the best of the city to the resort.That doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to do and experience on holiday to Punta Prima. It is also located within easy traveling distance of many of the busier resorts on Menorca.

On the beach, which has been awarded an EU Blue Flag, a symbol of cleanliness and quality in beaches, you can enjoy a nice long stretch of white sand ideal for worshiping the sun, or explore the sand dunes. The waters are shallow and warm which makes it an excellent location for swimming and snorkeling. Sailing, wind surfing, and pedalos are also common along the beach.

You will also find a nice selection of restaurants to keep you entertained, a few nice bars that are rather peaceful, and plenty of shopping to keep you happy during your holiday. Whether you are booking last minute holidays to Punta Prima or have found some excellent cheap holiday deals to Punta Prima well in advance it is possible to enjoy great rates and an inexpensive holiday to remember.

Late Holiday deals to Punta Prima are easier to come by now than ever before. When you book your family package holiday to Punta Prima online be sure to check that you are getting exactly what you want as part of your package deal. You might also want to check and see if there are any all inclusive holidays available at this interesting resort so that the savings can really add up. Book your cheap holiday deals to Punta Prima today and give your family something to talk about for quite a while.