Canary Islands: What Can They Offer You and Your Family?

The Canary Islands are an autonomous community of Spain and are a very popular holiday destination all year round. Only 2 million people live there but they have lots to do due to the tourism industry. 2017 was their biggest year of tourism to date with a whopping 16 million visitors. This hot spot is becoming more popular each year, so if you haven’t been yet, book your tickets now, before it becomes overpopulated with tourists.

The Canaries is made up of multiple islands and they all have wonderful beaches, so if you’re looking for a beach holiday you can’t really go wrong. However, if you desire adventure and activities to break up your trips to the beach then read on to find out what each island is offering.

Canary Islands


El Hierro

The smallest and most southern of the Canary Islands has a variety of things to do. Take in all the natural beauty with a panoramic walk and stroll up the volcanic landscape of basaltic lava in Los Loajiales. What is great about Canary Island is that it is trying to use enough renewable energy to become the first self-sufficient energy island in the world.


This island is thought to be the eldest as it has experienced the most erosion. Due to this, the landscape is spectacular. If you are a buddying trekker this is the place for an idyllic hike. Outside of the towns, the land is rural, so a stroll from one town to the next is a great way to spend the afternoon. These types of hikes can range from 3-8km depending on the towns you chose. Carry enough sunscreen and plenty of water for the day.

Alternatively, you can walk along the shore, the west side of the island is best suited for walking. Fuerteventura has 322 km of walkable coastline. Imagine the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and various rock formations on the other.

Whilst you are out and about be sure to count the number of goats you see as they outnumber the humans. Over the years the town locals have perfected the process of producing goat’s cheese and as a result, its said to be the best in the World. So, add it to your food bucket list.

Gran Canaria

The most adrenaline-fuelled island offers multiple choices of outdoor activities. In the capital city, Las Palmas, you can rope jump, go canyoning, and coast steering. All these activities require a touch of bravery with a natural desire for exhilaration. If you are not a fan of heights then give the newest type of canoeing a try, Surf skiing. While you’re out on the water you will feel how truly magnificent mother nature is as you gaze upon the surrounding mountains.

La Gomera

Perhaps one of the lesser-known Canary Islands is La Gomera. The number one sightseeing experience is Los Organos, which can be found on the north coast. It is a rock formation that was created by a powerful volcano and over time erosion and exposure have created a natural work of art. It is best seen from a boat. As well as this unique creation there is a good chance of seeing dolphins and whales.

The island also has a jungle-like enchanted forest. It is located in and around San Bartolo and La Somada Alta. Absolutely, a must-see, take your camera!

La Palma

La Palma is all about getting in touch with nature, from hiking to stargazing. The island is greener than most and has some extraordinary experiences. When trekking from Los Torcias up to La Palma you can see fields of almond trees and ancient dragon trees. Add a visit to The Caves of Buracas to witness the formation of the prehistoric hieroglyph before the island was colonized.


The home of aqua fun. Lanzarote has two waterparks, Aqua Lava Playa Blanca and Aquapark Costa Teguise. They also have a zoo, Rancho Texas Lanzarote. All three are best experienced with a full day, see which is closest to your hotel. But all are worth a visit.

Also, explore the Timanfaya National Park, where you will feel the heat of the geothermal activity under the ground and you can get up close and personal with these Canary Islands volcanoes.


As the most inhabited island, it offers a larger variety of activities both in the North and South of the Island. Put most simply Tenerife has it all! You can learn to surf, go sailing, visit museums and a volcano, go to a waterpark and so much more. Find out more about Tenerife with these 11 interesting facts.


Which Canary Island do you want to visit next? An island that has it all like Tenerife or a unique and somewhat undiscovered island, like La Gomera or La Palma. If you’re wanting a hiking adventure fly to Lanzarote or Fuerteventura. Whichever one you choose you can find the latest holiday deals on Search4Sun.