A honeymoon has evolved in recent years from the more traditional beach style holiday to those that are more wide ranging and unique. Of course, the conventional beach honeymoons are stillhighly popular, but there are now many more great opportunities for enjoying one of the more unique destinations. Luxury holiday are now likely to consist of romantic city, relaxing on the desert island, or exploring the wildlife parks. If you really put your mind to it, it shouldn’t be too difficult to create a customised package to match the passions and interest of both parties. Here are some of the popular destinations for the luxury holidays and honeymoons:

Luxury Holiday and Honeymoons

Caribbean: If you are looking for a perfect scenic setting for a honeymoon, you might well appreciate the glorious attractions to be had at St Lucia, or one of the surrounding islands. If you are looking for the height of luxury for the honeymoon with access to a first-class resort and personal butler, then you might want to consider the many quality aspects that you will find in the Caribbean.

Kenya: A more action packed honeymoon can be seen at one of the many wildlife reserves around the world. One of the finest destinations that you might want to explore includes Kenya. A private reserve in Kenya is likely to span across tens of thousands of acres, which should give you a perfect destination for those that want to get away from the more built up areas. A guided safari tour of a reserve is likely to be available on foot, horseback or vehicle.

Its more than a honeymoon its a Luxury Holiday also

Bora Bora: A truly luxurious destination for the honeymoons is likely to include Bora Bora, which is able to offer a wide range of quality attractions with the pristine villas and perfect scenery. Besides the qualities of the local beaches, there are a wide range of activities for the guests, from snorkelling, surfing, enjoying the seafood salads, and exploring the many lagoons for the local species of fish and octopus.

Seychelles:  One of the more favored destinations for the enjoying the luxury holiday includes the beautiful island of the Seychelles, which is able to offer a wide range of five-star accommodation to ensure that you are able to enjoy every luxury imaginable while on the honeymoon. Whether you are looking to enjoy the accommodation and fine dining or to explore one of the largest marine parks in the local region, you will certainly find that there are a great number of attractions if able to visit the Seychelles for a peaceful and Luxury holiday.