Cheap Holidays to Zurich

The city of Zurich, Switzerland is renowned for offering a wide range of attractions for the tourists. Besides the chocolate factories, the last minute holidays to Zurich are able to offer a great number of cultural and city activities to enjoy. Whether you are looking at Zurich to explore the Old Town or used as a central base for the skiing adventure or traveling further out to destinations in Austria, Germany, France, and Italy, you will certainly appreciate the many qualities this city had to offer.

If you are planning one of the cheap holidays to Zurich you will certainly appreciate the great number of places of interest that can be explored, including:

Fraumunster Cathedral

Situated near to the River Limmat, the Fraumunster Cathedral is likely to be one of the more must-see tourist attractions and the most recognised landmarks in the city of Zurich. If you are interested in learning more about the culture, architecture, and art, you will certainly appreciate the many qualities that are available when exploring this Cathedral.

Kyburg Castle

Once a fully operational castle some 1000 years ago is now a museum packed with some of the most interesting items relating to the activities and origins of this region. Whether you are looking to explore the torture chambers or the courtroom, you will certainly be impressed with the wide range of history that relate to this impressive structure.

The Swiss National Museum

If you are searching for one of the more influential destinations relating to the history of art and culture, a visit to the Swiss National Museum is likely to be the perfect destination to explore. Exhibits at the museum include items that relate to life in the middle ages and progresses all through the years until you are able to reach present day.

Boat Tours River Limmat

For the more active and adventures person that is looking at the cheap holidays to Zurich, a visit to River Limmat is likely to be highly desirable for the idyllic riverboats tours which provide the stunning backdrop of the mountains and dense forest. If you would like to get a completely different perspective of what is on offer in Zurich, you might well find that this could be the ideal opportunity.

Lake Zurich

If you are searching for a quiet and peaceful area in the city limits, you are certain to appreciate the tranquil effects of walking along the shoreline of Lake Zurich. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to rent a paddle boat will feed the resident swans and ducks; you will certainly enjoy the peacefulness in this area.