Cheap Holidays Deals to Slovenia

If you are looking for a destination offering stunning countryside, forests, lakes, and mountains for a last-minute holiday on a budget, you might want to look at the cheap holidays to Slovenia. Slovenia is still a relatively quiet destination and popular with the tourists from Italy, Australia, and Germany. A pleasant time can be experienced when visiting the historic capital city of Ljubljana, which is able to consist of the new town and the original old town. For a more historic review of the city you can explore the old town with its many architectural styles and buildings. In the high season (July and August) you are likely to experience a climate that is in the region of 25° centigrade.

Culturally, the city of Ljubljana is able to offer a wide range of the striking attractions to explore and admire. Constructed in the 12th century, the Ljubljana Castle is one of the main attractions and dominates the skyline. Other attractions include Robba’s Fountain, the Dragon Bridge, the Triple Bridge, the Franciscan Church of the Annuncation, and St Peter’s Church. Elsewhere in the city, the tourist experiencing the last minute holidays to Slovenia are able to experience 10 theatres, 40 art galleries, and 15 museums.

In July 2013, this region of the Slovenia is host to the Ljubljana Summer Festival which is able to attract international rock and jazz musicians, theatre and ballet performance, and many recognised opera stars.

If you would prefer to explore beyond the city limits and adventure more into the countryside, there is a wide range of destinations to explore. You have the opportunity of exploring the Adriatic coastline or the Julian Alps. Throughout the winter months, the region around the Alps is able to offer a perfect destination to those that love to engage in the winter sports. A major tourist attraction in this region is likely to be the Triglav National Park, which is able to offer and awe-inspiring landscape with deep virgin forests, impressive mountains and rocky plateaus, and many waterfalls and rivers. The parks are home to the resident wildlife, which include the many reptile and bird species, brown bear, red deer, ibex, and chamois.

A quality destination to explore when on the cheap holidays to Slovenia is in the Savinjska region which is known for its many thermal waters, the Snezna Jama cave, and valley of Logarska Dolina.