Holidays to Fez Great for Mature Audiences

While not exactly a singles hotspot or the most kid friendly of all holiday destinations, holidays to Fez are often ideal for audiences that are truly interested in either learning about other cultures or seeking the roots of their own. If you are interested in history or wish to history come to life before your very eyes then you might very well find great value when planning holidays to Fez. You can even manage, when properly planned, to arrange for these to be cheap holidays so that you can get the most out of your money and your travels.

You will find all the great things you would expect from Morocco. This is a land that is rich in history and cultural diversity. That history and diversity shows in all manner of things from the art work that is sold by street vendors to the architectural features of buildings and mosques in the city. In fact, the mosques are part of the attraction of Fez to many tourists.

Museums Fez is home to many museums that honor its long and rich history. It is difficult to narrow them down but time only allows for a few to be discussed. If you want a sample of the diversity even among museums to explore during holidays to Fez you might want to begin with the Museum of Andalusian Music and continue on to the Dar Batha Museum. Another museum you might want to visit is the Arms Museum of the Borj Nord.

Things to do in Fez For those enjoying holidays to Fez who have a sense of adventure there are great things to try like learning Moroccan cooking or at the very least taking a few lessons.

Moroccan food is an amazing cultural experience in and of itself. For the price of taking lessons and buying the foods and spices that will be used to make these meals you will bring home something that is truly a valuable reminder of your time in Fez. You should also make time to visit the Water Clock in Fez, which was the world’s first water clock. Another thing you cannot visit Fez without doing is checking out the local carpets. Carpets are big business in Fez as well they should be. Some of the most beautiful carpets in the world originate in this region and the prices are general quite reasonable.

Be warned that Fez is hot – very hot. Bring water with you everywhere and dress for the heat (also bring sunscreen for protection from the sun). You will also find that the sales people can be a little bit pushy. You must learn to say no and be firm. They are have no trouble playing on what they feel will make you guilty, comfortable, happy, (etc. etc.) enough to make a purchase from them. They are in business to make money after all and assume that you are on holiday to spend money. Do not fall for these tactics lest your cheap holidays to Fez become quite costly. Holidays to Fez can be amazing and beautiful experiences if you plan properly, dress appropriately, and avoid falling for some of the cons that are quite common.