Cheap Holidays Deals to Lithuania

Holidays to Lithuania (also referred to as Lietuva) are able to offer a very memorable time with the ability to explore awe-inspiring urban architecture and spectacular countryside scenery.

If you are searching the cheap holidays in one of the European countries you will certainly appreciate the ability to travel within this country via the rail network, which is found to be extremely cost-effective if compared to similar rail journeys in Europe. Lithuania is able to offer a wide range of great destinations to explore and perfect for the outdoor enthusiast with up to 30 lakes to explore. A high-quality location can be found on Lake Galve with the Little Island Castle which is able to offer the history of this wonderful country as a museum, and at night it is able to offer a perfect destination for theatre and festival productions.

A must-visit destination in an action-packed holiday to Lithuania is likely to include the Curonian Spit National Park, which is a highly attractive destination for the locals and tourists to explore throughout the summer months. If you would like a quieter destination away from the main crowds, you might want to look at visiting the Curonian Lagoon for a very relaxing time.

The capital city of Lithuania

On a visit to the capital city of Lithuania which is Vilniuns you are likely to encounter several world heritage sites which are likely to be perfect for those that would like to add a touch of a contract to exploring the city. This historic area is likely to feature the cobbled streets, grand churches, and crooked little houses. Masterpieces can also be seen with the many churches, including the St Paul’s Church and St Peter Church.

If you prefer to travel across Lithuania without relying on the rail network, then you can of course use the guided river trips that are likely to feature on at least 20 rivers across the country. If you are looking for a more authentic holiday in Lithuania then you will certainly appreciate the ability to hire the many kayaks and small boats available. Other outdoor activities included trekking, cycling, windsurfing, and horse riding. A great destination to explore many of these activities is likely to be in the region of the Curonian Lagoon.

The outdoors of Lithuania

For the outdoor enthusiast it is possible to explore many areas of the lagoon on one of the trek or bike routes which can be followed for a highly enjoyable outdoor adventure. In Lithuania you’ll find that the temperatures throughout the months of June and July can be in the region of the low to mid 20° centigrade, and for the winter this could drop down significantly into the minus figures.