Cheap Holiday Deals Adriatic Riviera

What an amazing holiday it would be for your entire family if you could explore the past, enjoy modern luxury, and experience beautiful waters and the water activities that go along with them. Did you know that you can? When you plan family holidays to the Adriatic Riviera you are doing just that. Even better, you can find cheap holiday deals to the Adriatic Riviera making it a possibility even when your budget might otherwise protest.

The Past – Some great ways to explore the past while on holiday to the Adriatic Riviera include taking tours and visiting sights that are historically significant.Some of those sights include: the Malatesta Temple, Sismondo Castle and Fortress, the Chapel of Sant’ Antonio, the Anfiteatro Romano, the Piazza Tre Martiri, the Tempio Malatestiano, and the Augustus Arch.

Needless to say, there are plenty of ruins and other signs of the past to explore in the Adriatic Riviera. There are also many museums that celebrate the vibrant history of this beautiful region that are well worth exploring. Be sure to plan a little time to explore these museums that record the history you are walking through for a different perspective and another view of the same scenes.

The Present – For those who prefer family holidays to the Adriatic Riviera with an eye to more modern pursuits will enjoy a plenty of great activities to enjoy. A couple of family favorites are the Aquafan waterpark, which is one of the largest waterparks in Europe and miniature golf at Rimini’s Indiana Golf. This fascinating mini golf course is home to 18 holes that each provide a unique challenge and sport a theme that is relevant to Italian culture.

Horseback riding along with lessons and/or guided tours is yet another family favorite so be sure to plan some time for this great activity during your holiday.Package holidays to the Adriatic Riviera may include any of these great sights or never stray far from the water. If you aren’t traveling with family you might enjoy the nightlife available in the Adriatic Riviera. You will find a wide range of options for enjoying the nightlife available. Ask around and you are sure to find one that is suitable for your taste in music and evening entertainment.

The Food -You will find no shortage of fabulous foods to sample along the Adriatic Riviera whether you have planned months in advance or found a few fabulous last minute holiday deals to the Adriatic Riviera. Be sure to bring along a healthy appetite and plenty of cash for enjoying those nifty little haunts you will find along the way.

Whether you plan to stay in the beach area or want to explore a little more there are many great places to wine and dine yourself and whomever you are traveling with in the Adriatic Riviera. Make your plans today and begin searching for cheap holiday deals to the Adriatic Riviera–you’ll be glad you did.