Authentic Greek Island Holidays Await with Deals to Agios Nikitas

Cheap holiday deals to Agios Nikitas or any other of the many wonderful Greek island holidays may seem like something that is far too good to be true. Right now though, these dream holidays can become your personal reality. Wouldn’t it be great to take your family holidays this year in the authentic island of Lefkada? There are plenty of package holidays that make that a definite possibility on almost any budget.

This resort is charming in an authentically Greek manner that many of the flashier resorts on larger Greek islands cannot replicate.The beauty of the region is unmistakable. When you add the fact that there hasn’t been the over abundant development in Agios Nikitas that is so common in other resorts you get a genuine image of Greek life rather than another huge resort city or tourist attraction on the map.

This resort is almost surrounded by oliver groves and picturesque scenery. You will see signs of tourism, which is the driving business in the area but it isn’t overwhelming. There are many great bars, restaurants, taverns, shops, and cafes to meet your needs and keep you satisfied during your family holidays to Agios Nikitas but you will not find flashy discos and high rise holiday palaces lining the beach.

The beach is family friendly with golden sand and brilliant turquoise waters that are sure to please the entire family. Beach holidays are possible when enjoying package holidays to Agios Nikitas but you may want to plan to spend a little time exploring the rest of Lefkada. The best thing about Greek island holidays, after all, is that you have the opportunity to take in a different culture and see what it is all about.

Be sure to consider taking in some of the more popular activities on the island like sailing, wind surfing, kite surfing, and sight seeing. Some of the natural wonders you will not want to miss include the Dimossari Waterfalls just outside of Nidri, The Papanikolis sea cave, Agia Mavra Castle located just outside of Lefkada town, and the Church of Panagia Hodeghetria which was built in the 15th century. You might also be interested in checking out some of these museums on the island as well: the Orpheus Folklore Museum, The Archaeological Museum, The Museum of Gramophones, and the Naval Museum for a taste of the local culture and history of this beautiful region. Cheap holiday deals make all this and so much more possible.

If you’ve ever dreamed of fantastic Greek island holidays now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy them. Family holidays do not need to cost a fortune in order to be spectacular and package holidays off the beaten path to beautiful locations like Agios Nikitas can be amazing for everyone. Book your cheap holiday deals to Agios Nikitas and be prepared to be inspired.