Simplicity is the Name of the Game with Deals to Kokkini Hani

Family holidays to Kokini Hani are the ideal for families that are interested in no frills holidays. What this means is that you can find many great cheap holiday deals to Kokini Hani that will leave you and your family time to relax, unwind, and enjoy spending quality time together. This resort is an excellent place for families with small children, couples, and anyone that is looking for an uncomplicated beach holiday. Greek island holidays are meant to be what you will find when you find package holidays to Kokini Hani.

What you will find on your family holidays to Kokini Hani is a moderate pace, good food, and simple nightlife. You are close enough to other resorts, like Heraklion or Hersonissos, to take advantage of their entertainment and shopping opportunities but have the haven of Kokini Hani to come back to for a slower pace and the relaxation that so many of us seek while on holiday.

There are two beaches that are popular for swimming and with families of small children because they slope gently into the sea and are relatively uncrowded—in comparison with other beaches you will find on Greek island holidays. Popular activities to enjoy in the water include surfing and windsurfing in addition to swimming and canoing. You can also take advantage of the beaches of Amnisos or Gouves for additional water sports or the water park at Hersonissos. Shopping is great in Hersonissos too if you find yourself unable to resist spending a little of the money you saved by taking package holidays to Kokini Hani.

There are plenty of things you can do, no matter what your budget, to enjoy your cheap holiday deals to Kokini Hani even more.Consider taking one of the many bus tours of the island or go exploring on your own. There is a great deal to see on Crete that goes well beyond the beaches of the more popular resorts. This region is rich in history and culture and you would miss out on an important part of the holiday experience to miss these things by never leaving the beach.

Book your cheap holiday deals to Kokini Hani today. Your family will be so glad you made the decision and you will have a holiday that provides rest, relaxation when you need it coupled with a taste of the holiday excitement all of us crave at one time or another.