Holidays to Aswan Offer the Best of Past and Present

There are few places on earth where the past and present blend as well together as they do in Egypt. Walk the streets of history while enjoying modern conveniences that make life in such a warm climate bearable. Cheap holidays to Aswan are acheivable and there are many great sights to that will spark the imagination of everyone taking family holidays to Aswan along with you. Things to Do – Sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Aswan. Some of the sights you will want to include during your visit include the Nubian Museum, the Timple of Isis, the High Dam, the Temple of Kom Ombo/Kawm Umbu the Temple of Horus,

the Great Temple of Ramses, and the crocodiles of the Nile. You should also try to see a Whirling Dirvish performance if you have the opportunity and will want to enjoy some Nubian cuisine. The unfinished Obelisk is another great sight to take in during your holidays in Aswan. Diving holidays can be arranged nearby during your cheap holidays to Egypt.

There are so many great things to do in and around Aswan that you may have a bit of difficulty deciding which thing to do first. You may want to look elsewhere in Egypt though if beach holidays are a priority. There are many other things to do and enjoy during your holiday in Aswan to keep you occupied though without a beach. You will still get plenty of sun and it is a good idea to bring along plenty of sunscreen. You should plan a visit to Kitchner’s Island, which is an island in the Nile that is home to scores of African plants. You will need to hire a felucca to get there though. Other islands you might wish to explore are Elephantine Island and Philae Island, which each offer their own unique story.

Nubian culture is strong and proud in Egypt and worth exploring during your holidays to Aswan. There is some amazing Nubian food as well as many other Nubian attractions to keep you busy and introduce your family to a different culture while on holiday. Family holidays to Aswan allow you and your family to explore the past and the present as well as the convergence of the two in modern society. This is an excellent learning opportunity for everyone in the family and can be incredibly fun if you plan carefully to avoid overload and fatique. Keep in mind that the heat and dryness of the region are something you may not be accustomed to and keep a nice supply of water on hand to avoid dehydration. You may also want to bring along extra lotion and moisturizers to rehydrate your skin.

All inclusive holidays to Aswan can be planned well in advance for a bargain rate though it is possible to find late deals to Aswan if you are willing to take the risk of not being able to enjoy everything you wished to see while on holiday.