There are some holiday destinations in the world that may not stay for a long time. There could be many factors that are affecting those places. Some factors could be an environmental change and economic development that affects the future existence of the places. For those who aspire to see those places, it is time to apply for your travel insurance and be on the way to those places before they disappear in the future. There could be many unmentioned places that are going to disappear in the next generation.

What are these 5 Places to visit before they disappear?

  • Dead Sea — the sea is famous in the world for its saline water that are said to have healing benefits. It has been among stunning holiday destinations in the world. The ancient people used to go to the sea for its healing mineral water. The Dead Sea is, in fact, a lake that gets its water from Jordan River. Therefore, its existence depends on the existence of the Jordan River. The experts anticipate that the Dead Sea might not be there in the future due to the water being diverted from Jordan by the surrounding places. If you want to visit the Dead Sea, you will have to go now before it is too late.
  • Maldives — this place is in the Indian Ocean and it one of perfect holiday destinations in the world. It is the lowest country with just 5 feet above the sea level. It is an interesting place for diving and surfing. There are many coral islands that are spread 56000 square miles. Unfortunately, if the sea levels rise, the area might disappear. The sea levels may rise due to inevitable climate changes.
  • The Karnali River in Nepal — this is the longest river in Nepal, which is 315 miles. It cuts through Himalyas to India. It has a steady flow of clear water. Unfortunately, it may not there in future due to the development and the need for hydropower. Plans have been put in place to take water from the river into a big dam to be erected as the hydropower source. It is important to visit now before it disappears.
  • The Mongolian Steppe — a grassland surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is one of the perfect holiday destinations as a less populated and independent country. The mining needs may make the land disappear in the future. There is exploration of minerals that is the cause for the projected disappearance.
  • Iles-de-la-Madeleine in Quebec — it is the island gateway in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The sandstones and sand-beaches are eroding due to strong winds present. The ice that often protects the shores from storm is fading. The area might not be there in the next future. It is among great holiday destinations now, so if you do not go now, it might be too late in the future.

Make a point to visit holiday destinations before they are no longer there. Their existence is presumed to be no longer in some years to come. Apply for travel insurance and visit these stunning places before you regret to have not gone to them.