Pick pocketing and purse snatching is very rampant in public places where tourists usually gather. People nowadays are becoming more dishonest, and only a single person with a bad attitude can ruin a supposedly exciting and fun holiday. Whether you are with the family, loved ones, or venturing into a crowded place all by yourself, taking more caution to guard your valuables, and following some travel safety tips can help you protect your belongings.

Travel Insurance – Dont be Pick-Pocketed

How to Avoid Being Pick-Pocketed on Holiday Outsmarting the Thieves

  • Store your valuables in your front pocket. Do not keep valuables in the back pocket for it is an easy place for pickpockets. Also, make sure your things are not sticking out of your pocket. It is also advisable to avoid large crowds as pickpockets can easily blend and snatch without you noticing it.
  • One of the most common travel safety tips is to refrain from counting your money and rummaging through your wallet in public. It is easy for someone to snatch it. If you have to use your wallet, you can do so in a more private and safe place. Better to count your money at home or in your hotel room. Never leave your credit cards lying on a table or in any public place.
  • Shorten your bag’s strap and don’t dangle your purse loose below the waist. Keep your purse’s openings right under your elbow. Opt to use a purse that has metal chain and zippers are within your eyesight. If you are using a backpack, wear it on your front. Avoid keeping your valuables in outer pockets.
  • Get your credit cards and other valuables once the clerk returned it. Never idly set down your valuables and put them in your wallet or bag right away. It is also advisable not to take everything with you. Leave other credit cards, expensive gear, laptops, money, and your other I.D. in the hotel safe so if ever you encounter pickpockets, you still have money to use and do not lose everything.
  • Use an inside coat pocket or a money belt. You may not always protect muggers by concealing your things, but it will be less convenient for casual thieves to steal.

Travel Insurance. If you are a frequent traveller, Travel Insurance can minimise the financial risks one can consider while travelling. It includes illness, missed flights, cancelled tours, theft, lost baggage, emergency evacuation, and accidents. Travel Insurance is a great deal for some travellers as it covers potential loss such as refund-ability of the tickets, the value of their luggage, and assures the state of their health.

Travel Carefully. Be constantly on guard, or you will have something stolen. Almost all crimes experienced by tourists are avoidable and non-violent. Be relaxed and still have fun while staying aware of what’s happening around you. Follow travel safety advisories and avoid putting yourself in risky situations like dark places or deserted areas. Leave expensive things at home as it only lures thieves towards you. Always do a mental check of your belongings to prevent losing them. Always remember to travel carefully, not fearfully. Having Travel Insurance  you will always have that piece of mind.

 The Cities pickpockets like to operate

  • Rome
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Rome
  • Paris

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