Planning on holidays with the kids? This is surely a tricky task as you have to consider a lot of aspects. Will the hotel be child-friendly? Will the kids enjoy as much as the adults would do? Are there enough activities to keep the kids entertained? With all these aspects in mind, here is the list of the top 5 child-friendly Resorts in Europe:

Child-friendly Resorts

Masseria Torre Coccaro. This child-friendly resort boasts of its numerous kids’ activities.  These activities includes: roller coaster ride, biking around the resort, watching the dolphins and the elephants in their Zoo safari amusement part. A private yacht is also available for rent if you want to have lunch or dinner floating in the sea. Children are very safe to swim on their pool as there is a lifeguard to closely monitor them. While the kids are enjoying, adults can also enjoy the resort’s Mini Club where you can enjoy and relax on their famous Turkish bath and Aveda spa.

La Fuente de la Higuera. Aside from being family-friendly, this is also cost-worthy. The hotel’s rate would just cost you £148 a night. With this price your family can go horse riding, mountain climbing, biking and have a tour along the country side with a guide. The hotel accommodates the needs of you family. If you have older kids with you, they would readily suggest the Junior Suite as it has 2 rooms. Nursing mums can use the hotel’s kitchen to store their milk or even baby food.  The chef is always happy to cook something for the kids to enjoy otherwise; you can book the hotel’s self-catering lodge if you want to cook for yourself.

Hotel Barcelo La Bobadilla. Parents can have a child-free day in this resort as they have children’s club every morning and evening. Adults can treat themselves with a spa while children are busy on the games room, tennis court , pool or in the playground. Since the land area is very large, you can either walk, ride a bike or ride the horse to explore.

Londa Limassol. You would not think that this resort is child-friendly as the design is so sophisticated and elegant. This chic hotel offers cots for free for babies to sleep on and a mini bar where you can store baby’s milk and food. Arm bands and inflatable are available so your toddlers are safe while enjoying the pool.

Polurrian Bay Hotel. Free child places are the reason why this hotel is the go to for most of the families. The Den, as it is popularly called has plenty of toys, games and activities. It is run with experienced and friendly personnel. While the kids are having the time of their lives, moms can go to the spa while the dads can go surfing. The whole family can enjoy the indoor pool, play football on the huge sports field or watch the gardens overlooking the sea.

With the list of the child-friendly hotels, you can absolutely get the idea on which place you can extremely enjoy your family vacation. Chill and relax!

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