Costa de la Luz Make Exotic Family Holidays Possible

No one wants the same old ordinary cheap holiday to Spain that everyone else is taking. Unfortunately, going for something new and exciting has been a bit on the expensive side of the price range for quite some time. Did you know that it really is possible to get amazingly cheap holiday deals to Costa de la Luz? These cheap holidays to Spain haven’t always been this easy to find so be sure to grab them up while you have the change.

Where to go in Costa de la Luz -Since holidays in Spain are not as abundant in this region as perhaps others, it is a good idea to know what you want to try or do while on holiday to Costa de la Luz.The beach is perhaps the most popular place to go in Costa de la Luz but certainly not the only game in town. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will have nothing other than the beach to enjoy while taking cheap holidays to Spain.

A Day at the Beach – When visiting the beaches you will discover on holiday in Costa de la Luz it is a good idea to bring along plenty of sun screen and plan for a day of fun. Popular activities include swimming, boating, diving, kite surfing, and fishing. You might also enjoy watching various birds that appreciate a nice day at the beach in this area as well.

Golf – There are quite a few people who do not feel as though they are truly on holiday until they’ve played a few rounds of golf. You will find plenty of opportunities to indulge your desires for golf while on cheap holidays to Costa de la Luz. In fact, you may even be able to work in some excellent deals with your hotel for golf along with free child places in Costa de la Luz as well.

Tours and Day Trips – Excursions in Costa de la Luz are often popular to a destination known as Cadiz. In Cadiz you should enjoy the Museum of Cadiz, Cathedral of Cadiz, The Museo Historico Municipal, and the Torre Tavira (observation tower). There is so much history and a wealth of culture in this part of the world that an extra bit of expense for these tours is money well spent.

When in Costa de la Luz -Other great things to explore while enjoying your cheap holiday to Costa de la Luz are the following: The Coto Donana Natural Reserve, the Hammam Andalusian Arabic Baths, The School of Equestrian Art, and the Facinas Road (which was once a Roman road through the Nevada Sierra).

You will find few places that are more entertaining and educational to visit than Costa de la Luz. If you really want the best of those worlds while planning cheap holidays to Spain you will definitely want to seek cheap holiday deals to Costa de la Luz in your search.

Cheap Holidays to Almunecar

Almunecar is a municipality in the Spanish Autonomous Region of Andalusia on the Costa del Sol between Nerja (Malaga) and Motril (Granada). It has a subtropical climate. ….

Tossa de Mar

Finding cheap holiday deals to Tossa de Mar may have seemed like an impossibility not so very long ago. With economic trials and tribulations making headlines around the world; it is currently easier than you might think. It seems the first thing that many people cut out of the budget is holiday travel. Bad news for airlines and resorts spanning the globe can become good news for travelers seeking family holidays to Tossa de Mar and other exciting destinations.

Torre del Mar

is situated on the coast at 28 kilometres to the east of Malaga, within the area of Axarquia, and has a population of 20,000. The town lies in a sedimentary plain surrounded by fields of crops


Family holidays to Benalmadena are an excellent opportunity for the family to enjoy a great holiday no matter how varied your represented interests may be. Families that enjoy fun in the sun will be delighted when you find cheap holiday deals to Benalmadena. Be sure to check out all inclusive holidays to Benalmadena for the best rates and the opportunity to include many popular attractions for one price. You may even find holidays with free child places to Benalmadena if you book early enough.


Estepona is the Costa del Sol’s most westerly resort and lies 75 km from Malaga airport at the foot of the Sierra Bermeja mountains. Originally a fishing village Estepona

Cheap holidays to Altea

Altea is a city and municipality located in the province of Alicante, Spain, north of Alicante on the section of the Mediterranean coast called the Costa Blanca

La Pineda

Are you interested in cheap holiday deals to La Pineda but have no idea where to begin your search? You’re in the right place. Many hotels offer all inclusive holiday deals in La Pineda that are attractive to families not only for the safe quality accommodations but also for the activities and family friendly entertainment that are offered by the various hotels. Many hotels offer various quiz contests, kid clubs, and karaoke to appeal to families of varying interests. This resort appeals to many different nationalities though it seems to be of particular interest to Russians as well as British nationals.

Isla Christina

Full of fish restaurants, Isla Christina, located 45 km from the Huelva city, has become a popular beach resort, not only for international but also for tourists from the nearby cities….

Lloret de Mar

Are you looking for all inclusive holidays in Lloret de Mar? If not, you may want to reconsider. This is a resort that was built to be an all in one holiday adventure for families of all shapes, sizes, and interests. When you make your plans and take the time to search out cheap holiday deals to Lloret de Mar well in advance of your travel you are in a good position to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime no matter how small your budget may be.


Have you been afraid to sneak a peak at the current prices for family holidays to Nerja? Don’t be. You can find amazing cheap holiday deals to Nerja and other points of interest along the Costa del Sol now more than ever before. The reason is this: the worldwide economy is getting tighter and people are cutting out family holidays. This means that resorts, hotels, and travel agencies worldwide are cutting prices in order to entice travelers. For those seeking holidays with free child places to Nerja, this is fantastic news.


When you take the time to find cheap holiday deals to Fuengirola, you are putting yourself in a position to enjoy more of your holiday. Family holidays to Fuengirola can be quite expensive if you don’t plan well or take the time to compare prices. When pennies are precious–and when aren’t they lately—it is an excellent idea to check out various all inclusive holidays to Fuengirola to make sure you really are getting the best possible price on your holiday accommodations.


One of the jewels of the Costa del Sol is the beautiful little village of Mijas, which nestles comfortably in the mountainside at 428 meters above sea level; it is a superb choice for either holiday