Holiday Deals to Kalamaki Ideal Escape for Beach Lovers

Family holidays to Kalamaki are a great escape for families that enjoy little more than they enjoy a great day at the beach. Package holidays to Kalamaki certainly deliver when it comes to beaches but they have a little more than that to offer a family looking for a relaxing holiday at the beach. Greek island holidays are nothing if you can’t find a nice beach nearby. And there are plenty of beaches to enjoy in and around Kalamaki as well as all across the island of Kalamaki. Better still, there are plenty of cheap holiday deals to Kalamaki to be had making it a bargain as well as a great location for fantastic family escapes.

Family holidays to Kalamaki often begin and end on the stunning sandy beach. The location of Kalamaki is fairly central and provides easy access to other resorts that are popular. It is quite close to the famous party atmosphere of Laganas with which it shares a beach and not far at all from the Zante Town. Kalamaki is a resort that is favored by families and mature travelers rather than the younger crowd that much prefers the lively party atmosphere of Laganas.

Another group that seems to favor holidays in Kalamaki are the loggerhead turtles that like to nest in this part of the island. Because of the nesting turtles there are no motor sports allowed on Kalamaki beach though you can find plenty of water sports and motorized activity on the nearby beaches of Basilicas and Tivoli. The beach itself is wide and offers a fine golden sand for all to enjoy—including those lovely turtles.

Greek island holiday to Kalamaki enjoy a much quieter pace than those to some of the livelier resorts nearby. There is still quite a bit to see and do in and around Kalamaki to keep your social calendar well stocked. Be sure to check out some of the excursions to other areas of the island as well as boat excursions during your package holidays to Zante.

Cheap holiday deals to Kalamaki are what many holiday dreams are made of. If you are considering Greek island holidays for the family or to share with a special someone then Kalamaki is a great choice. Start checking out the many different package holidays to this impressive resort that are available before it’s time to book your next family holidays.