Holidays in Samos Really Deliver for Family Fun

If you are looking for a great place to spend your holidays you will want to consider cheap holidays to Samos in Greece. There’s a lot to do to keep you busy and happy during your travels. Those most interested in beach holidays to Samos will have no shortage of beautiful beaches to enjoy and all the water activities that go along with the water but there is so much more to enjoy than just the beach that you will have a hard time deciding which activities you absolutely can’t miss. In fact, you just might find that there is so much to do here that you’ll have to add another cheap holiday to Greece to your travel plans in the future so that you can pick up where you left off.

Explore the sand and sea and bring the family along when you plan your family holidays to Samos. The mountains provide ample opportunity to go rock climbing, explore caves, take nice long walks and enjoy the scenery, go mountain biking, or riding motorbikes. Enjoy stunning views from your mountain explorations. Golf holidays to Samos though are not likely to be on the menu unless mini golf if your game. In that case you might fancy a stay at the Doryssa BAY HOTEL. For late deals to Samos you might also want to search for a bargain by staying at the Anthousa Hotel.

The beaches provide plenty of beach sports such as volleyball and mini golf in addition to bicycling, kayaking, wind surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, banana boating, sailing, yachting, and diving. You can find plenty of places to take diving lessons if you are so inclined and this is a great way to enjoy your travels as a family. Of course the best beach holidays by far for many is to enjoy reading a gripping novel while getting a little sun.

There are many great historical and archaeological sites worth exploring while enjoying holidays in Samos. Pythagoras Cave is an interesting trek though you should be prepared to do some serious walking and wear comfortable shoes (and bring along some water) if you plan to visit this spot. The cave is where he hid when accused of corrupting the young. Today there is a monument to Pythagoras (my how times have changed) that is an interesting site to add to your list of things to do while in Samos (where he was born).

If shopping is your sport of choice you might enjoy spending a little money on the freshly squeezed and bottled orange juice that is sold throughout Samos. Samos is also famous for excellent honey, wine, jewelry, and art. Be sure to check out various shops that sell these goods. You never know what sort of treasures you will find. One thing you will find in abundant supply in Samos is cats so be prepared if you are allergic. They seem to be everywhere and love to beg for food. They are mostly harmless though and can be quite cute.