Cheap Holiday Deals to Lambi Offer Quiet Retreat on Kos

Family holidays to Lambi offer easy access to all the amenities of holidays in Kos Town without the wild crowds and lively late-night atmosphere. It’s very much like the suburb of Kos Town but allows for the experience of Greek island holidays while offering better package holidays for many families that are looking for calmer and quieter surroundings. Cheap holiday deals to Lambi are the beginning of an excellent holiday experience. Aren’t you ready to get started today?

Family Holidays in Lambi – Greece

Basically, when you choose family holidays in Lambi, you are getting all the benefits and amenities of holidays to the larger resorts without the same degree of hustle and bustle that many, especially those with small children, find off-putting. If you want to explore Kos Town, though, it is a quick 20-minute walk, and you are right in the thick of things. There are also bus routes that can be taken advantage of between Lambi and all the major resorts on the island.

For beach lovers,

Lambi offers what everyone expects from great Greek island holidays, a beautiful stretch of beach. This beach spans the difference from Kos Town to Lambi and is far less crowded than other beaches on the island tend to be. You still have the option of enjoying great water sports along the beach and sampling the many restaurants, cafes, and bars that line the beach. Popular water sports that are enjoyed in Lambi are windsurfing, jet skiing, swimming, and parasailing.

You should also remember that there are quite a few boat excursions to other islands and resorts on Kos. Don’t forget bus excursions to various points of interest across Kos. There are plenty of exciting things to do, see, and explore during your family holidays in Lambi.

Whether you are interested in learning more about the rich history of this region or want to enjoy the greatest crafts and shopping the island holds, there are many great places to soak up the sun, the history, and the culture of the small villages surrounding Lambi.

Finding cheap holiday deals to Lambi makes all of these things so much more possible. Don’t forget to check out some of the great package holidays that can save you a bundle on your Greek island holidays to Lambi for your next family holidays.

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Looking for family holidays that really deliver when it comes to rest and relation? If so, you should really look no further than Marmari. You get the beauty and splendor you expect from Greek island holidays while also enjoying a slower pace than you will find at some of the livelier Greek resorts. Package holidays can be found in a wide range of sizes and price ranges. It is now more possible than ever to find cheap holiday deals to Marmari and other Kos resorts.

Kos Town

For the best in Greek island holidays you may want to consider family holidays to Kos Town on Kos. Cheap holiday deals to Kos Town can be found fairly easily at the moment so it is the perfect time to consider making this your destination of choice for package holidays to the Greek islands. Whether you are looking for culture, nightlife, or an authentic Greek experience, you will find all of this and more waiting for you when you book your holidays to Kos Town today.


While Greek island holidays to Psalidi proper may not be the thing that every 18 – 30’s holiday dreams are made of, they are near enough to Kos Town that the party atmosphere can be easily attained. That thought aside, family holidays to Psalidi are generally quiet with the Dikaios Mountains as a backdrop and the beautiful beaches for your holiday fantasies to play out on. Cheap holiday deals to Psalidi are now easier than ever before to achieve as package deals are competing to attract more and more visitors to this stunning island paradise.

Cheap Holidays to Kardamena

If you’re looking for an affordable and exciting holiday destination, look no further than the Cardamom Coast. Kardamena is a beautiful and vibrant town on the Greek island of Kos, that offers an unforgettable experience for those on a budget.


Whether you are looking for great family holidays or something more romantic in nature you should not be disappointed by cheap holiday deals to Mastihari. Greek island holidays are almost always perfect for romance but Mastihari has an almost perfect combination of a lively (but not overly enthusiastic) nightlife, beautiful beaches, romantic and somewhat private coves, and access to the remainder of Kos. Package holidays to Mastihari are a great beginning for an unbelievable holiday experience.


Booking cheap holiday deals to Kefalos may very well place you in a perfect position to enjoy the best that the Island of Kos has to offer. Family holidays to this quiet little resort are centrally located so that you can enjoy the amenities of the larger resorts nearby while still enjoying the peaceful tranquility most of us hope to find with Greek island holidays.


Not that cheap holiday deals to Tingaki are all that difficult to come by. Especially in the current economy when package holidays to Tingaki can be had for a song. The truth of that matter is that family holidays to Tingaki are a wonderful way to enjoy great Greek island holiday experiences without the wild crowds that you will find in some of the livelier resorts. The nightlife in Tingaki is quite lively but not nearly as wild as what you will find in Kos Town or Kardamena.