Cheap Holidays Deals to Bordeaux

Located on the Garonne River, the city of Bordeaux is a sprawling area in the southwest of France. It is a vast port city which is well known for its many cultural offerings including the architecture and museums, as well as the universities, chateaux, and wine yards. If planning on enjoying a last-minute travel to Bordeaux, you will certainly appreciate its many attractions for visitors and also it’s very pleasant climate making this an ideal destination for year round travel.

With no high hills or skyscrapers in the region of Bordeaux, you’ll find that this is one area that is very easy to travel on bicycle or by foot. But for those hoping to experience the cheap holidays to Bordeaux, they will certainly appreciate exploring this area of France, with easy transport links using the electric tram or bus routes.

Places and things to do in Bordeaux

Since this is a port city, you will certainly find a wide range of attractions along the banks of the river. A trek along the River Garonne is certain to be a highly enjoyable experience for those that like to enjoy nature. You will also witness the largest bridge structure in France known as the Aquitaine Bridge, as well as the oldest bridge with the Port Neuf. Many ferry trips are also offered along this very beautiful and scenic river. A visit to the historic battleship, the Colbert, is also possible which includes a well established on board restaurant.

Something that you are certain to try on your holidays to Bordeaux is the local cuisine which is highly favoured across the world. Whether you are looking to try the local delicacies of the international cuisines available across the city, you’ll certainly appreciate the many quality eating establishments in this region.

If you have a taste for wine you will certainly want to explore one of the many world-famous wineries that are in the region of Bordeaux. A full tour of the vineyard is available with the Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine producers, which also includes the ability to taste the wine and learn more about the process of wine making. Many wine festivals are also here to explore during the main tourist season.

For those that want to travel a little further afield from Bordeaux, than they will find a wide range of quality attractions for the more curious traveller. Some of the finest attractions are likely to include the golden beaches, the famous vine yards, historic towns, and magnificent chateaux.


Paris is likely to be one of the most visited and well known capital cities in the world, and sees an influx of visitors every year arriving from all across the world. A wide range of celebrated and iconic buildings and monuments are scattered throughout the city, while you also have access to culture, art, and museums.


France is famed for being a welcoming, friendly, and warm country for those that are looking to enjoy last-minute travel in this region of the world. France is known to have a very fast pace and frenetic city life, while in the villages the lifestyle is much more relaxed. With the ability to explore the many vineyards, chateaux, and landscapes, France is certainly able to offer a perfect destination for the holidays.