Family Holidays to Paphos Bring Past and Present Together

Holidays with children are even better if your children can learn important lessons and gain valuable insight like holidays to Paphos. Paphos is the city that legends are made of. This makes it an excellent holiday location for those taking holidays with kids and looking for great locations that offer a little bit of adventure along with the typical attractions that make vacations interesting. The excellent thing about holidays to Paphos is that they offer plenty of attractions that do not bear the typical resort price tag.

This means that in addition to amazing accommodations you will find no shortage of things to do on your cheap holidays to Paphos. Exploring the Past at Paphos -There are several incredible resources that highlight the past in and around Paphos. Paphos is designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, is the birthplace of Aphrodite, home to the Tombs of the KingsThe Baths of Aphrodite, the House of Dionysus, and museums that explore this rich and vibrant history. You can also explore the nearby cities of Nicosia, Limassol, as well as the Troodos mountains (where you can find excellent vineyards in the foothills) while on holidays to Paphos.

Mother Nature and Picture Pretty Paphos -The local seafront is almost picture perfect. You will find that Paphos is good for so much more than family holidays as you discover countless romantic cafes and hideaways throughout the area. Romance is definitely part of the picture in Paphos and it makes a great place to enjoy quiet time together, a romantic encounter, time away from the children, or an evening on the town with a few excellent clubs and discos to add to the appeal. The beaches are gorgeous but don’t forget the beautiful Troodos Mountains, the excellent and beautiful diving opportunities, and the picturesque cities and villages that are located nearby.

There are so many wonderful sites to see and things to do in Paphos that it makes for great family holidays as well as providing a few cheap holidays options to those that have limited expenses (as many of the more interesting activities are inexpensive if not free) Active Paphos -Families taking holidays with kids will find that there are plenty of great activities to keep the family busy and happy. Whether you are looking for inexpensive pastimes to keep cheap holidays a possibility or have a little EXTRA MONEY to spend you will find no shortage of entertainment and adventure for the entire family in Paphos. Some favorite Paphos activities include jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, swimming, parasailing, exploring, walking trails, and shopping. Children also find that the aquarium and water park make for a great way to spend the day.

Family holidays do not have to cost a small fortune in order to build memories that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for a great way to enjoy cheap holidays to excellent and exciting locations, the Internet is the place to begin planning your holidays to Paphos today