Family Holidays to Larnaca where Past and Present Collide

If you want family holidays that provide interesting lessons, great adventures, and a little bit of sand and sea then holidays to Larnaca are definitely something to consider. This ancient city is home to the ruins of the Old Testament where it was known as Kition as well as the modern city that is filled with world-class shopping and first-rate resort accommodations. More importantly to those taking holidays with children is the fact that Larnaca is home to several cheap holidays and experiences as well.

Museums, Ruins, and Digs -There are two main museums in Larnaca that have managed to protect and preserve the rich history of this city and showcase it in an amazing light. If you have children that are fascinated with the past or want to spark thatparticular passion then holidays with kids to Larnaca are a must You also simply must plan some time during your stay to explore these museums. The two main museums are the District Museum and the Larnaca Medieval Museum both of which offer excellent admission rates that are compatible with cheap holidays for the family. You can also visit Choirokoitia where archeological excavations have discovered some amazing and interesting facts about the past. Another popular destination for holidays with kids to Larnaca is Ancient Kition or the ruins of this ancient city.

Explore Larnaca- One interesting thing to do in Larnaca that sets it apart from many other popular holiday destinations is that you can explore a somewhat modern shipwreck.In fact, there are claims that under the right conditions you can see the outline of the Zenobia from the air. Of course shipwrecks are not the only thing you can explore underwater but this makes for something quite interesting to write home about.

Shopping in Larnaca – Holidays with children to larnaca almost always leads to some sort of shopping excursion and even those traveling with limited budgets will often find that there are plenty of excellent bargains to be found in Larnaca. You will also find high quality boutique style merchandise in abundance in various shops throughout the area. Whether you are taking cheap family holidays or looking for trinkets to bring back to the family you will find many great choices during your stay in Larnaca. You can also find amazing lace buys in nearby Lefkara. Jewelry is another item that you can find in abundance and at amazing prices in Larnaca. If you are looking for great gifts to bring home to friends and family the amazing jewelry you can find here is an excellent choice and with all the money you save by booking cheap holidays you should have enough left over to make some fantastic buys. When you take holidays to Larnaca you can enjoy holidays with children that may seem expensive but are cheap holidays in reality. If you plan your adventures and budget ahead of time you will find that you have money left over to enjoy the things that are important to you as well as some for exploring the excellent local food and a few great gifts for those that watered your plants.