Cheap Holiday Deals to Sofia, See the Best Bulgaria Has to Offer

When it comes to your family you want the best cheap holiday deals to Sofia you can find. You need to save as much money as possible on travel expenses so that you have plenty left over to enjoy the great sights, tours, and entertainment available to you while on family holidays to Sofia. Whether your goal is to take in the very best in arts or to dive into the rich history and culture of Sofia, there are many great things to see and do. Book your cheap holidays to Bulgaria today and see for yourself.

Arts -There is nothing that sends a positive message about a holiday destination better than a thriving arts community. Sofia offers several options for visitors interested in the arts.Two favorites among travelers are the Ivan Vazov National Theater and the National Opera and Ballet. Enjoy the best of music, dance, and stage without going to very much effort at all; and that’s only the beginning. There is so much more to see and do while enjoying your family holiday to Sofia.

History -There really isn’t enough to say about the rich history of this region and how it impacts the region today. Sofia, Bulgaria has a long history to offer visitors and many methods of celebrating that history. The Alexander Nevski Cathedral is a great place to begin. It was built in 1912 as a memorial to the 200,000 Russian soldiers who were killed during the Russo-Turkish Liberation War that lasted from 1877-1878. Religion played an important role in the history of this region. For that reason you may also want to include tours of the Rila Monastery, Boyana Church, the Rotunda of St. George, Saint Nikolas Russian Church, and Central Sofia Synagogue on your list of places to see on holiday to Sofia.

Other historical icons you may wish to see while enjoying your family holiday to Sofia are: Parliament, National Palace of Culture Congress Centre, Statue of Tzar Nikolaj, and The Bells also known as Kambanite. There are other great places to check out while visiting Sofia. You will have a more difficult time finding out which places are the most important for your family to visit.

Culture -Museums are often the best tools for experiencing the rich culture of a nation, city, or community. There are quite a few great choices to consider when it comes to museums in Sofia. Be sure to add a visit to the following museums to your itinerary for your cheap holidays to Sofia. These museums are a great place to begin: National Museum of History, National Art Gallery, and the Institute of Archaeology with Museum. Enjoy for yourself the best of the past and the present by making your next family holiday to Sofia. If you book today you can find some impressive cheap holiday deals to Sofia for the pleasure of your wallet. Book today and prepare your family for the amazing experience that a holiday to Sofia will offer.


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Cheap holidays to Bulgaria

Travellers will find that Cheap holidays deals to Bulgaria are sure to please no matter what season of the year it may be. Those that enjoy winter activities and spending time at posh ski resorts will appreciate cheap holidays to Bulgaria in the heart of winter while those who prefer their fun beneath the warm summer sun will enjoy the coastal region near the Black Sea.