Barbados Holidays

When you think of Barbados, what do you imagine? Probably, miles of golden sandy beaches, warm ocean water, and peaceful palm trees moving with the breeze. While this is all true, Barbados is a nirvana. But it is so much more than a place to escape and relax. Barbados has plenty of exciting activities to get involved in, making Barbados an entertaining, sporty and adventurous place to visit with the family, for romance, or as a solo traveler.  What exactly can you do on this Caribbean island?


First of all, you can learn to ride the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Barbados has a coastline made up of a coral reef, that supports the power of the water as it gets closer to the shoreline. This means that it regularly has powerful waves ideal for surfing.

If you’re a novice and want to start your surfing adventure visit the South and West parts of the Island, as the waves are calmer and are ideal for less experienced surfers. But if you are a more experienced surfer head to the east coast of the island. The ‘Soup Bowl’ is a famous surfing spot, see what you think of it when you visit.

Surfing in Barbados

Horse Racing

Try something different by visiting Barbados during the Sandy Lane Gold Cup. This prestigious horse race was established in 1982 and is one of the highlights on the horse racing calendar in the Caribbean. Local jockeys and jockeys from the UK and North America compete to win the special cup.

The carnival vibe on the island jumps up a few notches during this family-friendly event. It is televised internationally, so put on your best outfit as you may be on tv. Enjoy the traditional food and music as well as the beautiful horses that gallop around the racecourse.

On a separate note, the local trainers and owners of horses let them swim in the ocean for natural aqua therapy. If you have an opportunity to see this don’t miss it, it is a sight to see.

Watch horses swim in the ocean in Barbados

Swimming with Turtles

Explore Barbados from below the waves. Everyone walks the beaches but how many people can say that they have swum with turtles? Maybe you can be one of those few people.

Barbados is home for the Hawksbill and Leatherback turtle. It is not advised to go on this adventure without the support of a crew for safety reasons. So, it is best to book yourself onto a cruise tour as they will know the best spots to find these majestic ancient reptiles. You will be taken to the West coast of the island for the best snorkelling and swimming opportunities.

Swim with Turtles in Barbados


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Take advantage of the Caribbean’s excellent weather with a round of golf, any time of the year. The laid-back atmosphere is the perfect place to hit a few balls and ride a golf cart. The island has multiple world-class courses and many hotels offer professional packages which include instructors.

Barbados has great Golf Courses


Imagine being on a sailboat that is gently making its way out to sea. The calm seas and a beautiful orange sunset are what will await you. Isn’t this a great way to end the day? Or maybe add a little romance to your Barbados holiday?

Barbados offers a range of boats for hire, so whatever the size of your party they have it. Choose from a self-guided private hire or join one of the sunset tours. The choices are endless.

Barbados Sailing


Why not inject a touch of happy explorative exercise into your relaxing and enjoyable holiday by hiking one of the National Trust of Barbados’ free hikes? The hikes take you through the unique terrain and geological structures of the island. You won’t be hiking through mud and trees, but cane meadows, valleys, and tropical forests.

The hikes are organised with departure times and meeting points.  A popular day hike is the Great Train Hike, it departs from Fairchild Street Bus Station at 6 am. This is a great way to explore the island and get in touch with nature.

Barbados HIking Trails


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